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books about Adi Da and Adidam


Avatar Adi Da SamrajIt has been My Intention to make books of My Word so profound that the mere reading of them could convert any being on earth (or anywhere else) from the life of ego-possession, mortality, and darkness to the life of Divine Love-Bliss, without requiring the slightest qualification in the case of any being that moves, or is. I am not apart or separate, you see. Nor are you. This secret is in these books . . .

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, April 1998


Introductory Books Become familiar with the Way of Adidam through these introductory texts.

Introductory Audio CDs and Cassettes These introductory audio CDs and cassettes of Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Talks are a wonderful way to not only learn more about Adidam, but also, to experience Adi Da Samraj more directly.

Source Texts Avatar Adi Da Samraj's 23 Source Texts are the Scriptures for the Way of Adidam, containing ultimate statements about the nature of Reality. They are "graduate school" level studies, written in specialized, technically precise language. They are a natural follow-on, once one has become somewhat familiar with the Way Of Adidam through the more introductory texts and CDs / cassettes.

  • A New Spiritual Tradition (video) Dr. Jonathan Condit talks about Adi Da Samraj's creation of a new spiritual tradition, and the extraordinary challenge that represents.

The 23 Source Texts are divided into:

Other Books and Booklets Includes books of Adi Da's Image Art; the booklets in the Truth For Real series; and more.


You cannot confront My Wisdom-Teaching only once a month. You must deal with it in some form every single day, because a new form of the ego's game appears every single day. Therefore, you cannot have read one of My books last month and have it still be working on your behalf, because you only remember a few key phrases. You must continually return to My Wisdom-Teaching, confront My Wisdom-Teaching. That is why study is so important. . . .

Understanding arises in the midst of intense, regular, and frequent confrontation with My Wisdom-Teaching, My Arguments, and My Instructions. The kind of study that is required of you . . . is the continual, daily confrontation with My Wisdom-Teaching that requires you to observe your tendencies, your strategies, the games that prevent your Happy enjoyment of a life of understanding. Such study requires conscious participation, not only of mind. And, as self-observation begins to arise in the midst of such study, you will begin to see in yourself the flowering of understanding.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj



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