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The following readings are either essays by Avatar Adi Da Samraj, or talks given by Him,
except where otherwise indicated.

The Nature of God and Spiritual Realization
  • The Gorilla Sermon It is really a simple matter. The usual person thinks: "This body and its psyche are dying. This world is dying. Everyone is suffering, everyone is seeking. There is mortality, there is frustration, and limitation." But none of that is Truth. Those interpretations are not Truth. The world itself is not Truth — nor is life, nor psyche and body, nor death, nor experience. No event is (itself) Truth. All that arises is an appearance to Consciousness Itself, a modification of the Conscious Light that is Always Already the Case. All of this is a dream, if you like. It is an appearance in Consciousness Itself. Truth is Very Consciousness (or the One and Only Conscious Light) Itself. Truth is to all of this what the waking state is to the dreaming state. If you awaken, you do not have to do anything about the condition you may have suffered or enjoyed in the dream state. What happened within the dream is suddenly not your present condition. It is of no consequence any longer, once you are awake. If you persist in dreaming, and your point of view remains that of the dreamer and his or her role within the dream, then your possible actions are numberless. But none of them will work to awaken you. They will simply occupy you in the dream. They will modify the dream state — but no action in the dream is the equivalent of waking. There are simply forms of fascination, of occupation, of seeking — until you awaken. Truth is simply Waking, No-illusion. Truth is not a condition within this appearance. Truth has nothing whatsoever to do with the mind, regardless of whether the mind is expanded or contracted.

  • The Parental Deity and the One to be Realized The Truth that is to be Realized may be summarized simply as the Realization that no matter what is arising, no matter how many others are present, there is only One Being. This is precisely different from the childish but common religious notion that even when you are alone there is always Someone Else present, Who will look out for you if you do the right thing. True freedom is not a matter of striking a deal with an All-Powerful Parental Deity; no such God exists. True freedom is in the Realization that there is only God and You are That One.

  • Feeling Without Limitation — Remarkably enough, the reason you are so disturbed about the facts of life that might make you fearful, sorrowful, and angry is that whenever something arises that you might appropriately be angry, fearful, or sorrowful about, you do not feel it completely. You limit your feeling of even these reactions. And you certainly limit your feeling of the circumstance, or the condition, that is arising. You are always exhibiting the evidence of limited feeling, obstructed feeling. If feeling becomes limitless, if you do not contract, then feeling becomes Being Itself — no reaction, no contraction, Feeling without limit. That Feeling goes beyond fear, sorrow, anger, and conventional happiness and loving attitudes. What is It? It is Love-Bliss. It is the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Force of Being, without the slightest obstruction. It is Divine Enlightenment.

Spiritual Realization via the Relationship with a Spiritual Transmitter (and, More Specifically, a Divine Incarnation)

  • Divine Distraction — The ancient legends of Krishna and his gopis are an allegory of Divine Distraction. As Krishna wandered about in the fields, the women who tended the cattle would see Him from day to day, and in spite of themselves they would wander away and leave their posts. They completely forgot about the cattle. They wandered about where they thought they might find Krishna, and when they found Him they gazed at Him as He sat in the distance somewhere. This legend is a play upon the romance between Krishna, or the Divine manifest in human form — the Spiritual Master in God — and these ordinary women, who became madly involved in an absolute attachment to Krishna, and who, as a result of this attachment, became more and more ecstatically absorbed in the God-State.

  • The Divine Physics of Evolution The human Spiritual Master is Divine Help to the advantage of those in like form. When one enters into right relationship with the Spiritual Master, changes happen in the literal physics of one's existence. I am not just talking about ideas. I am talking about literal transformations at the level of energy, at the level of the higher light of physics, at the level of mind beyond the physical limitations you now presume, at the level of the absolute Speed of ultimate Light. The transforming process is enacted in devotees in and through the Living Company of the Spiritual Master. The relationship between the Spiritual Master and the devotee is not a matter of conceptual symbolisms or emotional attachment to some extra-ordinary person. The true Guru-devotee relationship is real physics. Therefore, because they can make unique use of the Offering of that person's Company, it is to the special advantage of people when some one among them has gone through the real process of transformation that makes a Realizer-Guru of one or another degree.

  • The Baptism of Immortal Happiness — The ego is such a heavy grip, such a clench on the Divine Light, that Spiritual experience through Spiritual Transmission in life does not amount to much for most people. They cannot make it part of their existence. The only thing that prevents the sublimity of Spirit-Communion with Me in every moment of existence is the simple mechanism of self-contraction. You must hear Me, therefore. You must observe the self-contraction and understand it so thoroughly that you identify it as your own action, so that you can meditate beyond it, or feel into the Spiritual Life-Current that is beyond it, in your daily life. That is the capability that must be regenerated in you. It does not exist in you now because you have habituated yourself to shutting out the Spirit-Force of God.

  • The Bodily Location of Happiness — All beings are always already Happy. You always know, at this very moment you know exactly, what it would be to look and feel and be and act completely Happy. Yet your attention is wandering from that Happiness, wandering into the self-contraction, into the not-self or the objects of self-contraction, the dilemma, the problem, the troubles, the fear, sorrow, anger, mortal pursuits, obsessions, desires, consolations of mind, emotion, body. That is why you are un-Happy.

  • Guru Enters Devotee NEW— The Divine is the Lord of this world, not the Lord of the other world only. The Divine is absolutely the Lord of this world. Thus, there is no Yoga if the very cells of the body do not begin to intuit the Divine. When I enter My devotee, I come down into him or her in the midst of life, because it is in life — not merely in the subtle processes nor in your mentality — that the Lord acquires you.

Spiritual Realization
Requires self-Understanding

  • Self-Understanding — You are always seeking, and you are full of stress in that seeking. Your seeking is always an effort to achieve union with something. And whenever you get this thing or the other, whatever it may be, you get a good feeling. An orgasm is just such a good feeling. Why do you read books? Watch TV? Try to figure things out? Why? Because you are looking to come to the point of that good feeling, where there is some sense of release from stress. But whatever release you may achieve is not consequential, not final. When you understand this point, then you can examine your own activity further, and you will discover that the thing behind all this stressful seeking for union is always a feeling of separation from whatever it is you are pursuing. When you get that far with the process of self-observation, when you feel that unhappiness, that agonizing separation from everything you are seeking, then you can begin to fruitfully examine how this feeling of separation, or this separativeness, is your own activity. When you find this out, then the unhappiness and the seeking fall away.

The Limitations of Scientific Materialism

  • The Asana of Science Science's anti-Spiritual, anti-religious, anti-psychic point of view, and its Victorian, archaic materialism, and its prejudices against other kinds of knowing all of this is insidious, not merely nonsensical, because it has such a profoundly negative effect on human beings. Many scientists who adopt this dogmatic approach act as if they were super-intelligent people with their tweedy, pipe-smoking, complicated linguistic minds. This is the archetype of intelligence, is it not? This is the way you are supposed to be if you are intelligent. Well, this archetype does not necessarily represent intelligence. It is just a pose, or asana. Real intelligence must be fiercely capable of investigating every aspect of existence, including the very process of knowledge that is called "science".

  • The Bridge to God (Even Science is a Magical Activity) All things and beings are a bridge to the Infinite. They are not simply things in themselves, but they are in fact such a bridge. Merely to think, then, in terms of the One Transcendental Being is not necessarily to generate a process wherein the Power of God and the Person of God, or the Being That Is God, is directly contacted through practice of your Way of life. You must Awaken and discover the Divine World wherein everything is a bridge to the Infinite, One Being. That Awakening is what is primary. It is not merely an awakening to the mental truth that there is only one God. It is a matter of Awakening to the Nature of your Condition and therefore to the Nature of the Condition of everything that you are observing. Because that Awakening is primary, when it occurs you begin to become sensitive to the world in a new fashion. And in that sensitivity you will see in magical terms how various presences, beings, and events — in gross visibility or only in subtle visibility, or altogether invisible and only sensed — are bridges to this One. Therefore, you may become aware of magical association with beings or forces, states of presence and the like, that are actually part of the magical apparatus of your association with the One Divine.

The Great Tradition of Human and Spiritual Wisdom
, Practice, and Realization: A Critical Assessment

  • The Religious Ambivalence of the West There is something very negative implicit in the religious consciousness of Western people. If you are a Westerner, "Is there a God?" seems to be the question you should be asking in order to become religious. But it is a completely absurd question. It has nothing whatever to do with Spiritual life. This question has to do with human beings, not with God. The question "Is there a God?" reflects an immature, self-contracted state in human beings for which they must become responsible. When one's own self-contracted state is transcended, the reality of God is overwhelmingly obvious.

Dying, Death, and the Meaning of Life

  • This Liberating Impulse — Spiritual life is about Realizing utter Love-Bliss, greater Bliss than is realized through sex or any other conditional experience. Such Love-Bliss is available before, during, and after any conditional experience. If you Realize It, if you devote your life to the Realization of That, then That is what you get — a life of Communion with That, a life of Realization of That. Then you will link your present life with What is Prior to this life, whereas if you devote yourself to the human conditions of existence for their own sake, you do not link yourself to What is Prior to this life. You link yourself to the same thing again. You perpetuate it, through reincarnation or simply through repetition in one form or another after death.

  • Death Is A Perfect Insult NEW The recent death of an other and the death of "I," which is yet to come, are a perfect insult to all knowledge. If we rest in this insult, then we are moved to the life of Wisdom, wherein no answer and no experience can ever possess or define us. Wisdom presumes the Paradox and the Mystery of existence. Wisdom is moved to the Way of sacrifice, to love, to present happiness, and not to the Way of ultimate knowledge. Knowledge is never more than knowledge about — and knowledge about is confounded by death. There is no knowledge about things that is senior to death. Death is the transformation of the knower. It is fundamentally a process of the knower rather than a process of his or her knowledge. Death is a process in which the knower is transformed, and all previous or conditional knowing is scrambled or confounded in the process of death. Therefore, to consider death is fruitless, since the knower is what is changed by death.

Human Maturity and Spiritual Growth

  • The Wound of Love — Love Does Not Fail For You When You Are Rejected or Betrayed or Apparently Not Loved. Love Fails For You When You Reject, Betray, and Do Not Love. . . . Therefore, The Most Direct Way To Know Love In every moment Is To Be Love In every moment. In The Way Of Adidam, My Devotee Is Founded In This Capability By Virtue Of his or her Constant Communion With Me (and, Thus and Thereby, With The Divine Person, Reality, or Truth).

  • The Secret of How To Change — True change and advanced human adaptation are not made on the basis of any self-conscious resistance to old, degenerative, and subhuman habits. Change is not a matter of not doing something. It is a matter of doing something else — something that is inherently right, free, and pleasurable. Therefore, the key is insight and the freedom to feel and participate in ways of functioning that are right and new. What is not used becomes obsolete, whereas what is opposed is kept before you.

  • The Fire Must Have Its WayNow, what have you learned in your whole life? Have you learned to feel perfectly? To feel absolutely? Did you ever go through a period of study in which you learned to feel to Infinity, to feel Absolute Divinity? No, you learned all the reactive patterns of life, all the desires for ordinary things. You knew them even before you became familiar with them again in this body. You cannot feel any better than you can feel, and you are addicted to feeling less than love, to being less than ecstasy. When you come to see Me, you will realize that you cannot feel any better than you can feel.

  • Sadhana Hurts NEW You people are all weakening yourselves, consenting to be identified with your early-life complication, your early-life adaptations, your old adaptations, as if complication is your right. That is nonsense. What about your understanding? Change it, then! Do something else! Suffer the heat of it, and grow. Without heat there is no growth, there is no cooking, there is no alchemy, there is no change; things are not thrown into the pot; nothing happens.

  • For the Love Eating beings is always disturbing not necessarily the eating, but the witnessing of the eating. There is nothing I can do about this, Aniello. This world is dreadful. Do you have any idea what is happening in conditional nature? All beings are My Own. Yet, you must sacrifice them in order to live. You beings, you humans here, require the murdering of living beings to eat and survive. You must come to terms with this fact. To do so you must come to terms with your own life and death and accept the fact that you are a sacrifice, and that conditionally manifested existence is not merely a jolly time. All of you could potentially die a painful death and live a painful lifetime. By entering into relationship with Me, I am Giving you another slice of possibility.

The Sacred Purpose of Art

  • Art Is LoveThere’s no great art without the sacred. There’s no true art without the beautiful. For there to be the sacred, there must be the ability to participate spiritually in Reality, beyond self. Great art must be associated with the Divine. And for something to be beautiful, there must be love. The subject must be, somehow or other, something that anyone, in general, could love. Without the ability of an art form to evoke the feeling of love in you, you cannot find it to be beautiful.

    Participation in true art should be self-transcending, should permit that, should invite it. It also serves the observer, permits the observer to transcend himself or herself. It’s not merely the product of some hero who was able to transcend self and make this art product and then you go and admire it. Participation in some art forms should be a great exercise also — an exercise that enables you to transcend your self.

  • Transcending the Camera: The Bright Reality Beyond "Point of View" NEW The human individual in the midst of reality is like a camera in a room — perceiving everything from a fixed "point of view." But what does the room really look like? The room can be viewed from every possible "point of view" in space-time — not merely from any particular "point of view," or even a finite collection of "points of view." Therefore, no "point of view" can reveal the room, or reality itself, because every "point of view" is limited and essentially self-referring.

Toward a New World Order and Human-Scale Community

  • The Peace Law — This letter is a call to righten the collective moral disposition of humanity, and to establish a global cooperative order on that basis. In this message to all, I call upon the leaders and educators of humankind to actively embrace, and to universally declare and promote, and to actively require the universal real fulfillment of the simplest law and measure of humankind, which I have stated in the form: "Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace". The acceptance of this law as a universal discipline is the basis for (progressively) resolving the current plight of humankind.

Practice of the Way of Adidam

  • Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga — I Have Summarized The Practice Of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga (or The Turning Of The Faculties Of the body-mind To Me) In A Great Admonition To All My Devotees: "Always Invoke Me, Feel Me, Breathe Me, and Serve Me." To Invoke Me Is To Surrender The Faculty Of mind To Me, At Its Root (Which Is attention). To Feel Me Is To Surrender The Faculty Of emotion To Me, At Its Root (Which Is feeling). To Breathe Me Is To Commune With Me Via The Cycles Of the breath. To Serve Me Is To Constantly Turn To Me Via Every Action Of the body, and In (and By Means Of) The By-Me-Given functional, practical, relational, and Cultural Disciplines.

  • Renouncing the Search for the Edible Deity NEW— The eating gorilla finds a cabbage in the jungle, sits down like a slob and munches away at the cabbage, and is completely benign, completely peaceful. There is nothing threatening about this gorilla, nothing dangerous about him. If some other gorilla or another being comes near, he still has his food. He is connected to the food source. He is not disturbed as long as that creature will show that he also is eating. Therefore, the eating gorilla is the image of the true man, the true woman. He demonstrates the principle of true politics, of real human existence, in which we are always presently connected to the Food Source in Truth, and are always presuming connection, relationship, "I love you." But the gorilla in the desert, or the conventional man, is cut off from his food source through the presumptive recognition of his separate existence, of his mortality. He feels unloved. He is a dangerous beast. He is in conflict with himself, struggling, looking for a way to be permanently sustained.



  • Una Carta Abierta a la Toda la Familia Humana NEWHay una antigua tradiciùn en la que los maestros espirituales genuinos ofrecen su ayuda profunda para la humanidad en momentos de grandes calamidades. Al hablar con pasiùn profética y desde las profundidades de su realizaciùn espiritual, estos seres extraordinarios nos a adoptar un camino capaz de enderezar las cosas. En este momento tan difícil en la historia de la humanidad, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, un Maestro Espiritual de importancia excepcional, hace un llamado urgente a todas las naciones para que de manera colectiva efectúen cambios en el mundo para beneficio de toda la humanidad. Sus palabras se originan en un deseo abrumador de ver a la humanidad participando en la creaciùn de un nuevo destino en el que la guerra no sea ya una opciùn, Avatar Adi Da ofrece esta Carta Abierta a toda la "familia" humana.


  • De religieuze ambivalentie van het Westen — In het religieuze bewustzijn van de westerse mens ligt iets heel negatiefs besloten. Om als westerling religieus te worden, schijn je je te moeten afvragen: "Bestaat er een God?". Dat is echter een volkomen absurde vraag. Ze heeft absoluut niets te maken met een Spiritueel leven. Die vraag gaat over mensen, niet over God. "Bestaat er een God?" is een vraag die blijk geeft van een gemoedstoestand van mensen waarvoor ze verantwoordelijkheid moeten leren dragen. De vraag op zich hoeft helemaal niet beantwoord te worden.


  • Adi Da und AdidamAdi Da und Adidam (das buch) NEW — Tief im Innern sehnt sich jeder Mensch nach Antworten auf die existenziellen Fragen des Lebens: Gibt es einen Gott? Gibt es etwas jenseits des Lebens? Warum gibt es so viel Leid? Was ist die Wahrheit? Was ist die Wirklichkeit? Solange wir enthusiastisch in die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten des Lebens verwickelt sind, bleiben diese Fragen meist oberflächlich. Erst wenn wir direkt mit dem Tod konfrontiert oder zutiefst darüber desillusioniert sind, was die unterschiedlichsten Erfahrungen uns letztendlich bringen können, lässt sich die. Auseinandersetzung mit den grundlegenden Fragen des Lebens nicht mehr vermeiden. In solchen Momenten ist das Herz offen und gibt sich nicht mehr mit den üblichen Tröstungen zufrieden. Der Drang nach der Wahrheit, der Wirklichkeit und dem Wirklichen Gott wird spürbar. Viele Menschen sind gegenwärtig verunsichert und suchen nach einem tieferen Sinn des Lebens. In dieser von Dunkelheit und Verunsicherung geprägten Epoche ist der Ruchira-Avatar Adi Da Samraj in die menschliche Welt gekommen, um eine einzigartige Spirituelle Kultur ins Leben zu rufen, die nicht bloß auf Glaube, Legende und Mythologie beruht. Der Weg von Adidam, den Er Offenbart und Gegeben hat, ist eine Göttliche Offenbarung, wie sie nie zuvor gemacht worden ist. Adidam ist keine konventionelle Religion, die auf irgendeinem Glauben beruht. Adidam beruht auf einer konkreten Untersuchung, ist eine „Wirklichkeitsuntersuchung" aller menschlichen Lebens- und Erfahrungsbereiche. Adidam ist ein universelles Angebot, das jedem offen steht, der den Impuls in sich spürt, über ein ich-bezogenes Leben hinauszugehen und — hier und jetzt — in einen Göttlichen Prozess einzutauchen.

  • Excerpts von Des Knie des Lauschens — Adi Da Samrajs Autobiographie ist seit ihrem Erscheinen 1972 ein Standardwerk der spirituellen Literatur, das mit dieser Ausgabe nun endlich wieder auf deutsch vorliegt. Die erste deutsche Übersetzung war 1988 erschienen und seit vielen Jahren vergriffen. Adi Da Samraj schildert in Das Knie des Lauschens die ersten dreißig Jahre seines Lebens — von seiner Geburt als das „Strahlend-Helle" bis zu seinem Göttlichen Wieder-Erwachen 1970. Der Leser wird dabei in den Bann der außergewöhnlichsten spirituellen Prozesse gezogen. Anhand seiner eigenen Lebensgeschichte offenbart Adi Da Samraj die Begrenztheit mystischer Erfahrungen und die Sinnlosigkeit jeglicher Suche. Er ruft stattdessen dazu auf, die Wirklichkeit an sich wahr-zunehmen, die immer bereits existiert.


  • Excerpt from the Knee Of Listening: Förstĺelsens MeditationVärlden söker, ingenting annat. Allt sökande skapar ständigt ĺterkommande lidande och separation. De skapas av identifierandets, avskiljandets och begärets ständiga aktiviteter. Dessa är mekanismerna i att lĺta bli att tillhöra eller att vara samhörig, att vara relaterad. Och dessa tre utförs alltid pĺ varats olika plan, jämförbara med vad som kallas ”chakras” eller skapande omloppscentrum, och i de olika kropparna, sfärerna och upplevelserna. Sökarens medvetande är förnimmelser av ständigt förändrad svĺrighet och valnöd. Och i allt han gör undviker han alltid att vara samhörig.


  • Trois Paradigmes: Critères pour une philosophie de la spiritualité (par Roger Savoie) NEWJe voudrais dans ce chapitre expliquer aussi clairement que possible les trois critères qui constitueront le fondement d'une réflexion sérieuse sur la spiritualité: (1) la sagesse millénaire (et toujours actuelle) des grands Maîtres spirituels de l'humanité; (2) la théorie structurale-évolutive ou doctrine (d'Adi Da Samraj) des sept stades de la vie; (3) le témoignage de la Grande Tradition (Adi Da Samraj appelle la «Grande Tradition» la synthèse de toutes les traditions) ou Philosophie intemporelle.



  • Adi Da A Adidam NEWKaždý z nás má hluboko v sobě uloženou potřebu dostat odpovědi na základní otázky existence života. Existuje Bůh? Co se děje po tomto životě? Proč existuje utrpení? Co je Pravda? Co je Skutečnost? Dokud nadšeně hledáme mezi možnostmi, které život nabízí, zůstávají tyto otázky jen povrchní. Teprve když jsme přímo konfrontováni se smrtí, nebo jsme hluboce rozčarováni tím, co nám životní zkušenosti přinášejí, pak již není možné se konfrontaci s těmito základními otázkami vyhýbat.

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